Classic 3-D Cup Program

Classic 3-D Cup Program

The Classic program is a traditional catalog fundraiser where participants collect orders from supporters and the fundraising coordinator is responsible for submitting one Master Order for their organization

FULL-IMAGE™ 3D Tumblers

FULL-IMAGE™ 3D Tumblers are ordered online, so supporters can browse on their own time.  

Take pre-orders for Full-Image™ 3D Tumblers from a catalog. Full-Image™ 3D Tumblers are sent to your group for distribution at completion of your fundraiser.

Catalogs are provided at no cost to your group.

Classic 3D Cups

How much profit will my group earn?

Product Price Profit
FULL-IMAGE™ 3D Tumblers 18 oz 4-pack $20.00 $8.00
FULL-IMAGE™ 3D Tumblers (Insulated w/Lids 16 oz 2-pack) $20.00 $8.00
FULL-IMAGE™ 3D Tumblers NFL Fan Pack $34.00 $13.60

Three Great Options:


2 Pack


2 - 16oz Insulated 3D Tumblers with lids



4 Pack


4 - 18 oz 3D Tumblers


NFL Fan Pack


- 18oz 3D Tumblers

- 16oz Insulated 3D Tumblers with Lids


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