5 Ways To Achieve Effective Fundraising Results

Posted on May 1, 2020 under EFS Blog


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Although schools are closed for the year, it doesn’t mean that fundraising efforts have come to a stop. Here at Effective Fundraising Solutions, we’re working harder than ever to ensure our schools have the best results with next year’s efforts. Although the product offered plays a significant role in your success, there are other measures to be had as well.

In this article, we’re taking a look at a few practices each fundraiser should implement to ensure success.



  1. Clearly define your purpose

Often, kids are sent home with packets detailing a fundraiser’s offerings, but not what they’re raising money for. People are more apt to support efforts when they know what their money is being used towards. For example, are you raising money for new playground equipment or class trips? There are many reasons, be sure to explain your intentions clearly!



  1. Set and share your organization’s goal

Every fundraiser has a goal. Set it and let it be known. Whether online through your organization or town’s social media pages or a painted sign on the front lawn monitoring progress, when people see black and white numbers, they’ll help you get there faster.



  1. Determine your target audience and best reach

Not all fundraiser products are suited for all individuals. For example, a cookie dough fundraiser can be shared across several platforms to pretty much any audience. In contrast, Valentine’s pencil fundraisers are focused on staying within the walls of the school.


  1. Market your student’s efforts

Social media platforms are an amazingly easy way to reach thousands of people that would not otherwise know of your efforts. Don’t be afraid to use them! Let the town know what the students are up to and ask for their support.


  1. Remember to thank, thank, thank your supporters

Appreciation is key. Take the extra time to create a “thank you” system that’s personalized. By showing people you care, you’re more likely to have repeat supporters as well as supporters that will help you spread the word.


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For more information and ideas on effective fundraising for your organization, contact our team at EFS. For decades, we’ve helped schools in the region bring income for student activities and more. Contact us today at info@effectivefundraising.com.